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Search Boxes for your LibGuides

A collection of search box widgets for your LibGuide.

How to Add a Search Box to a Guide

Within this guide you'll find search boxes that can be inserted into your LibGuides. To use the search box examples on this page, you'll need to copy the box that contains the widget on a new guide. All boxes with widgets have '(widget)' in the box name, to make them easier to recognize. Remember to check the box next to 'copy,' which is located in the 'Reuse existing box tab.'


Once this is done, you'll need to cut and paste the embed code into a guide's HTML, using the Rich Text Editor. In order to view the embed code, you'll need to click the icon () next to the search box you're interested in using. Next, click the option marked </>HTML, using the drop down menu. Now you are looking at the search box embed code, copy all of this. 


You'll insert this embed code into a box's HTML, using the Rich Text Editor. When inside the Rich Text Editor, there is a button towards the top right marked When you click this button you are looking at HTML being generated by this editor; this is where you will paste the search box embed code.


You also have the option to create a widget that is an asset within the LibGuides system. To do this, first press the  button located in the bottom left corner of all LibGuide boxes. After you click on that button, you'll choose the option marked 'widget / media' and paste the embed code in the field marked 'embed code' and press save to complete the process.


Now, next time you need your search box, you can use the Reuse Existing Widget tab found within the LibGuides widget creator.


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