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Scholarly Resources for Non-Affiliates: Home

Who Can Access University Resources?

  • Access to online materials is available for students enrolled in classes at the University of Missouri-Columbia and to faculty and staff at no charge. For those affiliated with the university, you can use the Articles Guide to find more information on searching for journal articles.
  • If you are a not currently enrolled as a student or employed by the university, you can come into Ellis Library, create a guest computer account and access the journal articles other online materials for free. Check the Visitors Guide for more information.
  • If you are not affiliated with the university and cannot come in person to gain access, use this guide to explore your options for scholarly resources.

Scholarly Resources for Alumni, Retireees, Non-Students, and Developing Countries

The websites and other resources included in this guide provide free or low-cost access to scholarly journal articles in a wide range of disciplines to researchers who are not associated with a university or live in a country where other methods of affordable access may not be available. For more information or questions on resources available for free or low-cost to the public, click on the "Ask A Librarian" link on the right side of this page.

Created by:

Joseph Hendricks
Graduate Reference Assistant
Ellis Library