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National History Day Resources at University of Missouri Libraries

Guide for educators and students participating in National History Day projects.

This guide is meant for students and teachers who plan to visit Ellis Library or other MU libraries, to find sources to support their projects for National History Day.

Other important History Day guides include:

History in MU Libraries

The Annotated Bibliography of a National History Day entry will list Primary Sources and Secondary Sources. Both these types of sources may be found in Ellis Library and other libraries on the MU campus and nearby research facilities. Here is a short list of locations:

1. Ellis Library - large collection of books and other resources. In addition to the main collection, which include secondary sources and copies of primary sources, there are also Special Collections, which contains original primary sources.

2. Health Sciences Library - also contains secondary sources and copies and a few originals of primary sources, on medical topics.

3. Online Collections - accessed through each library's home page. These include databases the libraries pay for, which are only accessible to MU students, faculty and staff, plus people who use them in library buildings on library machines. People 18 and older may register for in-building guest computer access. When classes visit, the visit may include temporary access for students.

4. Other campus libraries and the University Archives may be relevant, depending on the topic, but almost all topics will be represented to some extent in Ellis Library.