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National History Day Resources at University of Missouri Libraries

Guide for educators and students participating in National History Day projects.

Why Use Special Collections in Your Teaching?

At MU, the Department of Special Collections and Rare Books is a vibrant laboratory for the humanities, where students and faculty are welcome to research and explore.  Our collections exist to be used, and they are open to everyone.

As part of a class session in Special Collections, your students will have hands-on access to the most inspiring and intriguing materials the Libraries have to offer.  They will learn important primary research skills – the ability to track down sources, make connections among documents, and read the content of the page alongside physical evidence. Most importantly, they will discover an enthusiasm and engagement with their subject that will take their studies far beyond their textbooks.

Integrating Special Collections into your course

Lesson Plans and Syllabi

Printable Handouts

It's helpful to make sure your students know where they're going and what to do before they get here.  These are some handouts you can print or email to your classes.

Activities and Document Analysis Worksheets