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Digital Scholarship Resources

Data Mining Access to Library Resources

Please complete our brief Library Resource Project Form to ensure access and full capabilities for your project to connect to these or other resources provided by the University Libraries' subscriptions and license agreements. Improper use such as bulk downloading, crawling, screen-scraping or other unapproved techniques will cause termination/denial of service, suspension of access for ALL university users, and/or additional costs.

In addition, you must not share login credentials (your MU ID/password, etc.) with colleagues, external developers, or other collaborators. In addition to a major personal and institutional cybersecurity risk, it is also a violation of nearly all subscription licenses and usage agreements. Contact us to discuss the access needed for your project.

If you are interested in mining or collecting from a library database not listed below or if the links provided don't apply to your intended use, contact us to find out if access is available and under what terms.