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Digital Scholarship Resources


Digital resources, data, computer code, and other advanced technologies are increasingly crucial to conducting research. If these tools are new to you, getting started can seem complex and overwhelming. This is an evolving guide to common, useful tools and resources for digital scholarship, including many resources and data sources provided by the University Libraries.

The University Libraries license many databases that can be helpful for retrieving and studying:

  • numerical/statistical data
  • demographics and population data
  • text mining and analysis
  • image and video collections

and much more.

Please complete our very brief Library Resource Project Form so that we can work with you to make sure you have access to the most appropriate interfaces and data for the type of project you're considering (often, vendors may provide data in a more suitable form for computation than their standard public search interface). It's also extremely important that we and our vendors are aware of any bulk data retrieval needs to prevent interruptions in access.