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English 2180: Female Futures

Criticism: Scholarly Writing

Critical scholarly discussion of literature is published in journal articles, books, conference proceedings, and other publications. Discover@MU searches across many books, journals, and most of the databases that we subscribe to. You'll easily find a wide selection of materials.

You may still want to explore the following databases for some materials not covered in Discover@MU and for more precise and focused searching.

Searching Within Books

Scholarship in the arts and humanities is frequently published in books, either as article-length chapters collected in book volumes, or as "long-form" studies that take up hundreds of pages. Discover@MU and other databases may search the table of contents of books or a brief description, but most don't delve into the full text. The following sites are helpful for searching inside books to find relevant portions. Although copyright restrictions may limit what you can view or download, this helps identify relevant books that we can then find in print.