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HIST 4971 - European History Capstone: The Modern City

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What's in Official Gazettes?

Many gazettes include content in addition to primary law. In the category of politics and administration: news of the government, its various branches, agencies and bodies is commonly published, including reports of governmental action, decisions, progress, and plans. Notification of police action, arrests, detentions and subsequent court decisions can also be contained. In some cases, gazettes are the only source of news as they are the only publications in which the reporting of world or local news is recognized as legitimate by the government. In the category of education: gazettes can contain certain documentation of the granting of degrees, the results of examinations, and notification of accreditation. The field of economics is served as gazettes publish budgets, trade and employment statistics, cargo lists, agricultural reports, trademarks, notices of incorporation, and notification of government auctions. Genealogical and sociological studies can benefit from the common inclusion of death notices, obituaries, demographic statistics, and names and addresses.  Even the study of literature is aided by the full text publication of items receiving literary awards.  Each official gazette is different, meeting the needs of its country it its own way and will not always contain all possibilities.