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Journalism - Evaluating News and Information: Social Media

This guide offers background on types of information and tips for analyzing sources in order to become an active information consumer and responsible journalist

Social Media

Twitonomy:detailed and visual analytics on anyone's tweets

Politwoops: Tracks deleted tweets by public officials, including people currently in office and candidates for office.

Twitter Advanced Search 

Verifying Twitter Identity

Promoted Tweets

Twitter Audit - How many of your followers are real? Search for a celebrity

TreeVerse – A Chrome browser extension for navigating burgeoning Twitter conversations. Conversations are visualized as a tree.

Followerwonk Tool for searching Twitter profiles. 

Gramfeed Search Instagram by keyword, location and more. 

Storyful Multisearch This tool is a Google Chrome browser extension that lets you simultaneously search Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube and other sites for keywords.

An Investigative Guide to LinkedIn


Evaluating Information Found in Social Media: Considering Twitter and Shared Photographs This video focuses on evaluating shared photos on Twitter. Tips on how to spot a fake or suspicious profile, and using Google Image search and sites such as Snopes and Topsy to verify information

Source: Gumberg Library, University of Washington

Length: 6:08 minutes

Evaluating Social Media


Evaluating Information: Considering Information Found Through Social Media

This video teaches the viewer the CRAAP method (currency, relevance, authority, accuracy and purpose) of evaluating information found on Facebook. Examples included following links to check for website components such as ads used, writer information, who is hosting the website, etc. Also advises users to check for the timeliness of news.

Source: University of Washington

Length: 6:42 minutes

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