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Journalism - FIGs: Finding & Evaluating Information

Find Local, State & National Education Information

Find Information about Columbia Missouri Public Schools (K-12):

Find Information about Missouri Public and Private (K-12) Schools:

Find Information about U. S. Schools (K-12):

Education Resource Guide created by the Education Librarian at MU Libraries

Quandl - Free aggregated U. S. Education Data

U.S. Higher Education

Find Information about U.S. Higher Education:

Department of Education Office of Post Secondary Education

Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) - Find information about individual institutions, compare institutions, compare peer groups.  This data is often used to rank institutions and to assess program strengths.

IPEDS Data Center

IPEDS College & Career Tables Library

Office of Postsecondary Educations' Campus Security  - Create customized reports for public inquiries relating to campus crime and fire data.

College Navigator - Use this tool to quickly find information about colleges and universities.

The Chronicle of Higher Education - Find information about institutions in the Almanac of Higher Education published at the beginning of each academic year.

Find Information about the University of Missouri:

MU Facts (enrollment, etc.)

MU Office of Institutional Research - Find information on enrollment, scholarships, and the"Common Data Set," used to compare institutions of higher education.

Uniform Crime Reporting Statistical Database (managed by Missouri Highway Patrol), contains MU crime statistics.