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Antitrust Law: Current Awareness Tools

A Guide to the Laws and Decisions which Restrict Restraint on Trade

Current Awareness Tools

Contained here are recommended blogs, other guides where you can continue your research, and a twitter feed from the Department of Justice Antitrust division.


Listed below are several blogs which will help a reader stay abreast of the developing issues in the world of antitrust!


This blog provides news and regulatory updates from the world of antitrust. It is a free service provided by the Sheppard Mulin law firm, which provides monthly articles containing analysis and insights relating to antitrust controversies. Also contained on the blog, under the tab [antitrust matters] is a list of antitrust cases, separated by alleged violation, which are current or recent. 


For a blog which addresses antitrust on a global scale, consider the Global Regulatory Enforcement Law Blog. This free service, provided by the Reed Smith law firm, is updated several times a month with insightful articles relating to global regulation; that includes, but is not limited to, antitrust. The antitrust junkie need only navigate to the right side of the page, locate the column labeled 'topics,' and select antitrust to find dozens of recent articles which address global antitrust developments. The blog also provides a search function for the reader looking for specific results. In addition, one can subscribe to the blog to receive daily updates.


The antitrust advocate blog provides a practical analysis of antitrust news. It is a free service offered by the Baker Hostetler firm, and is updated about twice a month. It's articles evaluate regulation, politics, and evolving claims, and it offers a search function, which effectively allows readers to sort through articles to find those that are most relevant to their interest. Additionally, a reader can subscribe to the blog, in order to receive email updates.

None of these blogs working for you? Find your own! The abajournal website offers a series of quality antitrust blogs. Search it here.

Existing Researching Guides

Here are some other research guides a user might find helpful:

1. Georgetown

This guide breaks things down in easily digestible pieces, by gving you a clear place to begin researching, and providing links to other services. However, It is somewhat lacking in annotations and recommendations. 

2. Harvard

This guide has a clean scrolling format. It sets out the need to know materials with annotations, and also provides links to law blogs. One might consider it overly minimalist, but all the need to know information is there.

3. The University of Chicago

This guide is an excellent resource. It provides a thorough analysis of the antitrust resources provided by the various legal resources, makes separate recommendations for practice guides and treatises, and even offers links to enforcement statistics.

Antitrust Twitter Feed