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Using the Newshub

Introductory video

The video above gives you a quick overview of how to use the functions in the email editor to create an engaging email. You can skip info about creating lists. You'll want to watch the part about creating the emails. 

You can also refer to MailPoet's email editor guide:

*When you create engaging emails in MailPoet3, you will use the already created Mizzou Libraries templates. Only use those branded templates. 

Choosing a Template and Getting Set Up

From the WordPress side menu, click MailPoet> Emails. You’ll see a list of already created newsletters.  To find the Mizzou Libraries templates:

  1. Click Add New
  2. Create Newsletter
  3. Click Your Saved Templates
  4. Select Engaging Email Template or Workshop Template
  5. Make sure you name your engaging email so you can easily find it in the list of newsletters if you need to go back and edit

Email Layout

Below is what the template looks like. Please leave all branding at the top and bottom of the email. Those are required. 

With MailPoet3, you have the option to:

  • Pull in posts directly from the news site
  • Add in automated latest content
  • Add in your own text and images
  • Create columns for a different look

If you need help create an engaging email, email Taira Meadowcroft

Previewing and Sending

To preview your email, you will click the preview button at the bottom of the screen. The preview function allows you to preview what your email will look like on a desktop and a mobile device. You can also send a draft email to yourself to see how it looks in email. 

You will use the send preview to email option to send your engaging email when you are finished creating your email. Once the final email is your outlook inbox, forward that newsletter out to the recipients.