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Assessment for Librarians: Ch.1: Assessing Prior Knowledge & Understanding

Assessing Prior Knowledge & Understanding---CAT Examples

First year students

1. Needing sources for persuasive paper/speech (English 1000 & Comm. 1200)
Send questionnaire one week before class asking multiple choice questions about CQ Researcher and Academic Search Complete.  Create a LibGuide with instructions based on familiarity of the class with sources.  During class, librarian shares questionnaire results, covers use of sources, spending more time on databases students did not know.

2. Students using different types of sources.  Students do not understand source types and their different purposes.

Peer-reviewed journal -- newspaper  --- website -- book?
*Where would you expect to find information about a recent international news event?
*Where would you expect to find a thorough biography of a historical figure?
*Where would you expect to find recent and academically rigorous scientific findings?


3. Students’ conception on how information is available on the web 
[Information has value as a commodity and that economic interests impact its creation and dissemination]
Send questionnaire before class or use Google doc and have students respond as they enter class and using a Likert scale ranging from agree to disagree, have students answer these questions
*Google indexes everything on the Web
*Information is free

Online graduate students
Questions about inter-library loan, finding articles online and reference chat.