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iOS Apps for Study and Research: Productivity

Productivity Apps

​LastPass ($12/year subscription for mobile access)

Manage passwords across devices, store digital records and more. Lastpass is free for desktop computers, but costs $12/year to access services on your mobile device.

1Password (Free, $7.99 Premium)

Unlike Lastpass, 1Password does not have recurring subscription fees.

​Enpass (Free for up to 20 items, lifetime license $9.99 per platform)

Encrypt and store your passwords with this affordable password manager.

Microsoft Outlook (Free)

You can use this app to stay connected to your student email account (which is an Office 365 account) and your outlook calendar (includes several widgets options).

My Study Life (Free)

Keep track of all your deadlines with this useful app.

Google Keep (Free)

Capture and share thoughts on the go!