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iOS Apps for Study and Research: News

News Apps

​Flipboard (Free)

Follow topics to create a personalized magazine.

Google News and Weather (Free)

This app draws content from over 65,000 publications.

AP Mobile (Free)

Includes real-time updates of breaking events from a trusted news source.

MSN News (Free)

Includes news from trusted sources, compiled by MSN editors.

BBC News (Free)

Find topics that interest you, listen to live BBC World Service radio, and more!

NPR News (Free)

Read, share, and listen to NPR live-streams with this app.

Instapaper (Free)

Save webpages as text only for offline reading. 

Timeline (Free)

Timeline connects a news story with the past and present.

Reuters TV (Free)

Watch video news, curated just for you! Free with limited advertising. 

NASA (Free)

Access the latest news, current mission information, images, and video.