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HIST 4004: History of Spain: 1700's-1800's


Madrid newspapers from the 1830's (Special Collections)

Abeja (d). Ellis has July 1, 1834 – September 30, 1834 (incomplete).

Español (d). Ellis has January 2, 1836 – August 31, 1836 (incomplete).

Mundo: Diario del Pueblo (d). Ellis has June 1, 1836 – February 28, 1839 (incomplete).

Observador (d). Ellis had July 15, 1834 – December 31, 1834 (incomplete).


Online Sources

the Library Catalog subject headings

For primary sources from this period, go to the Books tab on the library home page and use a broad keyword search and add words/phrases like:

  • sources
  • "to 1800"
  • "18th century"
  • "19th century"

Example: SU:Spain and "19th century" and sources

Note: using SU:Spain forces the search to look at books that have the word Spain in the subject heading.