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HIST 4004: History of Spain: Secondary Sources: Articles

Citation Search


Strategies: Early Modern Spain Class

Finding Articles

1.       Try the specialized databases

a.       Historical Abstracts back to 1400's

b.      Iter for earlier periods

c.       IMB for earlier periods - language limits are in Advanced Search

2.       Try one or more general databases

a.       Discover@MU

b.      JSTOR (all full text; no recent issues)

3.       Design a keyword search or browse technique

4.       Use pre-search limits where appropriate

5.       Gather more keywords (people, places, named events, alternate names/spellings)

6.       Locate the best sources using Find It@MU

Article Indexes and Full Text Databases

Article Index Databases "With Benefits"

Both these databases allow you to:

  • Sort results by "citedness" by other articles - most-used/most-cited articles on top
  • Click from an article to the articles that cite it, and to the articles it cites
  • Click from the article's listing to its full text via FindIt@MU