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Journalism - Missourian Newspaper: Black Lives Matter Protests 2020

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Parson talks violent crime issues with Columbia leaders (7/23/2020)
Saturday's Black Lives Matter protest attracts a church crowd (7/4/2020)
Sunday marks a month of protests in Columbia (6/28/2020)
Protesters take new march route for justice (6/25/2020)
People march Friday on Tiger Avenue for Solidarity Walk (6/19/2020)
Group practices 'peaceful disruption' to call for continuous protests (6/19/2020)
Persistence on creating change drives protesters (6/18/2020)
Columbia Police Department consistently disregards transparency (6/17/2020)
Behonsay Williams is struck by a car, the CPD incident report (6/17/2020)
Protester Behonsay Williams is struck by a car (6/16/2020)
'Support, strength and love': A protester talks about what motivates her (6/16/2020)
Residents advocate for racial justice during city council meeting (6/15/2020)
Police chief outlines use-of-force policies amid reform demands (6/15/2020)
'Til earth and heaven ring: A story of grief, and the power of protest​ (6/14/2020) 
Black Lives Matter protesters emphasize longstanding change (6/14/2020)
First council session for Fowler includes demonstrations, police issues​ (6/13/2020) 
Black Lives Matter protest continues peacefully (6/12/2020)
Students from the MU School of Music gathered (6/12/2020)
Music students 'lift every voice' to support Black Lives Matters movement (6/12/2020)
Impassioned protesters bring complaints before police review board (6/11/2020)
Protest for justice turns into a forum on inequality (6/11/2020)
Citizens' Police Review Board meeting draws attention (6/11/2020)
Police: Columbia man tried to throw Molotov cocktails at protesters (6/10/2020)
'It can't stop here.' Student-led protest calls for action after march (6/9/2020)
Demonstrations on racial inequality continue​ (6/8/2020) 
Huge turnout at Sunday's Black Lives Matter protest (6/7/2020)
Demonstrator hit by vehicle tries to find peace as she seeks justice (6/7/2020)
White Coats 4 Black Lives brings health care workers together in moment of solidarity (6/4/2020)
Martez Manuel sparks march for change (6/4/2020)
Despite reckless driver and heat, protests continue in Columbia (6/4/2020)
Organizers rally for more marches for justice this weekend (6/3/2020)
#BlackAtMizzou tells MU experiences of racism, a tweet at a time (6/3/2020)
Organizers rally for more marches for justice this weekend​ (6/3/2020)
Peaceful march in Floyd's memory held Tuesday (6/3/2020)
MU student-athletes, coaches march in honor of Floyd​ (6/3/2020)
Police have no suspects after cars strike protesters (6/2/2020)
Parson on violence: 'I'll use every resource I have to put an end to it'​ (6/2/2020)
Local Brief: Heart of Missouri Girls on the Run issues statement on Floyd killing (6/2/2020)
Tense moments during mostly peaceful protests Monday in Columbia, Jefferson City (6/1/2020)
City Council, police chief respond to George Floyd death (6/1/2020)
UPDATE: Protesters block intersection at Providence and Broadway overnight (5/31/2020)



Two protestors sit with a "Black Lives Matter" sign and wait for the march to begin (7/23/2020)
Protestors lie on the ground (7/23/2020)
Protesters march to the Columbia city hall (7/23/2020) 
Photo Gallery: Protesters march as Gov. Parson meets with Columbia city officials (7/23/2020)
Rev. Darrel Gray uses a megaphone to address Jefferson City police officers (7/13/2020)
A Jefferson City police SUV passes by protesters crossing Capitol Avenue near the Missouri State Capitol (7/13/2020)
Protester Drew Falvey, center, from St. Louis raises his fist as the closing chant of the Expect Us demonstration (7/13/2020)
Protesters with the group Expect Us staged a die-in on Capitol Avenue (7/13/2020)
State Representative Rasheen Aldridge embraces Gina Torres (7/13/2020)
Photo Gallery: CoMo for L.O.V.E. highlights art from marginalized voices (7/8/2020)
A group of attendees arrives after protesting (7/8//2020)
Protesters advocate for police reform, in the streets and in council chambers (7/6/2020)
The Rev. Molly Housh Gordon addresses protesters (7/5/2020)
Tyree Byndom addresses protesters (7/5/2020)
Protesters march along East Stewart Road (7/5/2020)
Faith Voices of Columbia regional organizer Brittany Hughes leads protesters in call-and-response chants (7/5/2020)
Brittany Hughes reads a list of demands (7/5/2020)
Rev. C. W. Dawson gives an impassioned speech (7/5/2020)
MU sophomore Kiessance Bassett, addresses protesters (7/5/2020)
Photo Gallery: Local churches host March for Black Lives (7/5/2020)

A collection of ‘free signs’ are displayed on Sunday (6/28/2020)
Photo Gallery: Black Lives Matter protests through downtown Columbia (6/28/2020)
 A large group of marchers approach the intersection of East Broadway and Providence Road (6/28/2020)
 Long time Columbia activist Bill Easley holds up a Black Lives Matter banner on Sunday (6/28/2020)
 Markiez Smith leads marchers from the Boone County Courthouse down Eighth Street (6/28/2020)
 Protesters march west on East Broadway (6/28/2020)
Derrick Fogle carries a message demanding justice for Elijah McClain on his back as he prepares to play hacky sack on Sunday (6/28/2020)
Protesters hold a Black Lives Matter flag (6/25/2020)
Photo Gallery: Peoples Defense protest marches to Stephens Lake Park (6/25/2020)
Masks with the Black Lives Matter logo are sold during the Juneteenth activity (6/19/2020)
People gather Friday at WG6 parking lot prior to the start of the Solidarity Walk (6/19/2020)
Photo Gallery: Protesters march in solidarity along MU's campus (6/19/2020)
Anna Wilkerson holds a handmade board, sitting at Boone County Courthouse and listening to people’s speech (6/19/2020)
DeMarco Winston leads a chant during Black Lives Matter Chant (6/18/2020)
A group of protestors march during a Black Lives Matter protest Thursday in Columbia (6/18/2020)
Photo Gallery: Protest outside Hickman High School urges police reform (6/18/2020)
A protester holds a board reading “BLACK LIVES MATTER” (6/17/2020)
Cormack, 6, lies on his mother Kelsey Smythe’s back​ (6/17/2020)
Protester Behonsay Williams is struck by a car (6/16/2020)
Protesters kneel outside the Columbia Police Department (6/16/2020)
The Tiger Hotel features a Black Lives Matter banner (6/14/2020)
The Rev. C.W. Dawson speaks to protesters gathered at the Boone County Courthouse (6/14/2020)
Miles Ackers watches speakers at Francis Quadrangle in Downtown Columbia (6/14/2020)
DeMarco Winston talks to the crowd before the march​ (6/14/2020)
Traci Wilson-Kleekamp talks to the crowd at Francis Quadrangle (6/14/2020)
Signs saying “Defund the Police” and “BLM” are hold by two protesters at Francis Quadrangle on Sunday (6/14/2020) 
Protesters march from MU’s Francis Quadrangle to the Boone County Courthouse amphitheater (6/14/2020) 
Roy Lovelady at a protest march (6/14/2020) 
Gary Lewis photographed in his car (6/14/2020)
DeMarco Winston at a protest (6/14/2020) 
Robin Winn speaks into a microphone (6/14/2020)
Video: Voices in Protest (6/12/2020)
Andy Flanagin sings 'Lift Every Voice and Sing' (6/12/2020)
Anthony Blatter reads aloud some of the names of police brutality victims (6/12/2020)
David Pelino, center, kneels with his head bowed (6/12/2020)
Students from the School of Music kneel (6/12/2020)
Jeremy Wagner leads students from the School of Music in two songs (6/12/2020)
Photo Gallery: School of Music students protest in song (6/12/2020)
Protesters with signs (6/10/2020)
Photo Gallery: Protestors march from the courthouse to MU (6/10/2020)
Protesters lie on the ground in front of the Francis Quadrangle (6/10/2020)
Lexi Dabbs lies on the ground with two of her signs (6/10/2020)
Ben Herzog wears a shirt with “Defund The Police” (6/10/2020)
Jailene Santiago raises her fist while kneeling (6/10/2020)
A "Black Lives Matter" sign hangs off Catherine Armbrust's trolley (6/9/2020)
Protesters march along Broadway (6/9/2020) 
Protesters holding signs listen to a speech​ (6/9/2020)
Protesters march down Cherry Street (6/9/2020)
Kirubel Mesfin gives a speech​ (6/9/2020)
Kirubel Mesfin speaks to a crowd of protesters (6/9/2020) 
Behonsay Williams is carried during a protest a week after she was struck by a car (6/7/2020)
Briana Cato sings Alright by Kendrick Lamar (6/7/2020)
Protesters hand out bottles of water (6/7/2020)
Briana Cato sings Alright by Kendrick Lamar (6/7/2020) 
A protester gives out food and drinks (6/7/2020)
Marchers lift up their signs at Broadway (6/7/2020)
Rally attendees wave their arms to a song (6/7/2020)
Marcher holds up a sign saying “Stand for Equality or Prepare to be Marginalized” (6/12/2020)
After hearing from several speakers at the Boone County Courthouse, participants marched in a large circle around downtown.(6/7/2020)
Hundreds of people gathered to protest police brutality on Sunday around Downtown Columbia (6/7/2020)
Mataka Askari addresses those assembled in the amphitheater on the courthouse lawn (6/7/2020)
Bianca Borders listens to speakers after the march while her daughter, Jaelyn Kent, claps along with her mom (6/7/2020)
Markiez Smith speaks to the crowd (6/7/2020)
Photo Gallery: Protests against racism, police brutality continue for sixth straight day (6/7/2020)
Photo Gallery: Black Lives Matter hosts police reform rally (6/7/2020)
Protesters hold various signs in front of Jesse Hall on Thursday (6/5/2020)
Photo Gallery: Peace and remembrance shown during Columbia protests (6/5/2020)
Photo Gallery: Protests in Columbia go on despite an arrest and rain (6/4/2020)
Photo Gallery: White coats show support for black lives (6/4/2020)
Protesting crowd lay on the ground with their hands behind their backs in a handcuffed pose (6/4/2020)
Preston Martin writes the names of black people who lost their lives to police brutality on his shoes on Wednesday (6/4/2020)
Mizzou Athletics players, coaches and staff kneel for 8 minutes and 46 seconds (6/3/2020)
Photo Gallery: Protesters march through downtown, stopping to lie down for George Floyd (6/3/2020)
Protesters lie on the ground to imitate George Floyd on Tuesday​ (6/2/2020)
Police officers secure the perimeter while a protestor gets medical attention on Monday in Downtown Columbia (6/2/2020)
A police car blocks the intersection of Providence Road with Broadway​ (6/2/2020)
Police officers close the entrance for police station while protesters (6/2/2020)
A police car is parked in front of a broken Walgreens front door​ (6/2/2020)
A sign let Walgreens costumers know their store hours and to be safe​ (6/2/2020)
Protesters look down East Broadway at emergency vehicles during the blockade of its intersection (6/2/2020)
Photo Gallery: Two injured during Columbia protest at Broadway and Providence (6/2/2020)
Drake Picard kneels in front of a member of the National Guard in the waning hour of a protest​ (6/2/2020)
Photo Gallery: Hundreds converge on Jefferson City to protest (6/1/2020)
Protesters gather for a rally on the south lawn of the Capitol in Jefferson City (6/1/2020)
A protester holds a sign saying “I Can’t Breathe” (6/1/2020) 
A car hit a protester at the intersection of Broadway and Providence on Monday evening in Columbia (6/1/2020)
Protesters hold signs and walk along the road in front of the Capitol on Monday (6/1/2020)

Diptych (5/29/2020)

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