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Journalism - Photojournalism: Video Collections

Study of photography and photojournalism

MU Libraries' Video Databases

  • Ethnographic Video OnlineRestricted to faculty, students, and staff at The University of Missouri (Requires MU ID) will provide more than 750 hours and 1,000 films at completion. The collection covers every region of the world and includes interviews, previously unreleased raw footage, field notes, study guides, interviews with filmmakers, contemporaneous footage and photographs and more. Thematic areas include: language and culture, food and foraging, economic systems, social stratification and status, caste systems and slavery, political organization, religion and magic, music and the arts, culture and personality, and sex, gender, and family roles. All videos in the collection are transcribed, subject-indexed and fully searchable.
  • Naxos Video LibraryRestricted to faculty, students, and staff at The University of MissouriAlso Known as: NVL  (Requires MU ID) A streaming video library of classical music performances, opera, ballet, live concerts, documentaries, and master classes. Over 555 videos and growing.
  • AdforumRestricted to faculty, students, and staff at The University of Missouri(Requires MU ID) is an internationally focused database provides access to over 35,000 advertisements in all media, including audio and video. AdForum also provides access to advertising agency information, news, and other information related to the advertising industry.
  • NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)Anyone can useNTRS provides access to approximately 500K aerospace related citations, 90K full-text online documents, and 111K images and videos. The type of information found in NTRS include: conference papers, images, journal articles, photos, meeting papers, movies, patents, research reports, and technical videos.
  • Videvo -  We're one of the world's largest websites for completely free stock footage and motion graphics.  We Source quality video clips from across the globe, either produced by our dedicated team of freelancers or uploaded by our generous users.  You can use our free stock footage clips in any project, commercial or non-commercial on a royalty -free basis, and with no complicated licensing.  This allows you to concentrate on what you do best - creating awesome videos.  

Video Available on the Web

Creative Commons & Public Domain Video Resources
  • Creative Commons Video Creative Commons licensed video media compiled from the video blog at
  • Wikimedia Commons  "A database of 10,265,274 freely usable media files to which anyone can contribute." Provides public domain and freely-licensed content -- also includes images and sound clips.
Some Videos May Have Creative Commons Licenses Attached

Always look for "Terms of Use," "Legal," or copyright statement on any database to make sure that your use is acceptable.

Fee-Based Stock Video Collection

  • is a fee-based collection of stock and news footage.

How Can I Use MU Restricted Videos?

Videos in MU licensed databases may be restricted to:

  • Student projects and presentations.
  • Faculty classroom presentations.
  • Online courses restricted to MU students only.

Videos cannot be used, without permission from the vendor, for:

  • Open websites or projects posted on the open web.
  • Commercial or for-profit projects or products.
  • Faculty publications.
  • Public distribution.

Always look for "Terms of Use," "Legal," or copyright statement on any database to make sure that your use is acceptable.