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Journalism - Photojournalism: Photojournalism History Resources

Study of photography and photojournalism

Find Photojournalism Books

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  • Documentary
  • Paparazzi 
  • Photography--history (there will be other subjects related to this) 
  • Photographers --Biography 
  • Photography--Biography  
  • Photography--History  
  • Photography--United States or Germany etc.  
  • Photojournalism 
  • Photojournalists 
  • War Photography 
  • Women Photographers

Subject search for the name of photographer 

  • i.e. Brady, M  for  Mathew Brady  
  • Mann, Sally

Perform keyword searches for books.  

Try entering key words you are interested in such as:  (Note: use the asterisk when searching for word stem endings and use parenthesis when doing a keyword search)

  • biograph* and photographer*
  • war photograph*
  • history and photo*  
  • history and photojournal* 
  • photography and england    
  • photojournalis* or photographer*

Encyclopedias and Biographical Resources

Photojournalism Encyclopedias and Historical Works 

  • Encyclopedia of twentieth-century photography / Lynne Warren, editor.  Ellis Ref TR642 .E5 2006 Vols. 1-3.
  • Photographers: A Sourcebook for Historical Research. Richard Rudisill[et al.][edited by Peter  E. Palmquist] 1991. JOUR-R  TR15 .P477 1991 & 2000. 
  • The encyclopedia of photography: an A-to-Z visual directory, with an inspirational gallery of finished works/ Adrian Davies. MU JOUR REF TR146 .D248  2000  
  • The photography encyclopedia / Fred W. McDarrah and Gloria S. McDarrah.  New York : Schirmer Books, c1999.  MU JOUR REF TR9 .M39 1999.
  • American Image:  Photographing One Hundred Years in the Life of a Nation by Martin Sandler, 1989.  JOUR TR23 .S33 1989.
  • Encyclopedia of Photography. ICP, International Center of Photography 1984. JOUR TR9.I24 1984.
  • Eyes of Time: Photojournalism in America.  Marianne Fulton, 1988. Reserve.  JOUR TR 820 .E845 1988.
  • The Focal encyclopedia of photography /edited by Leslie Stroebel and Richard Zakia. Boston: Focal Press, c1993. 3rd Ed. MU JOUR REF TR9 .F6 1993.
  • History of Photography: from 1839 to the present.  Beaumont Newhall.  Reserve. JOUR TR15 .N47 1982.
  • Macmillan Biographical Encyclopedia of Photographic Artists and Innovators. 1983.  ELLIS TR 139 .B767 1993.
  • An Annotated Bibliography. William, Johnson, 1990.  JOUR-R TR15 .J64 1990.
  • One Hundred Years of Photographic History. Van Deren Coke, 1975.  JOUR TR15. O53.
  • Shadow and Substance:  Essays on the History of Photography. edited by Kathleen Collins 1990.  JOUR TR15 .S48 1990
  • International Guide to Nineteenth-Century Photographers and Their Works: Based on Catalogues of Auction Houses and Dealers. Edwards, Gary, 1988.  JOUR-R  TR 15 .E48 1988.

Biographical Resources

  • American Photographers:  An Illustrated Who's Who Among Leading Contemporary Americans. edited by Les Krantz, 1989.  JOUR-R  TR139 .K73 1989.
  • An Illustrated Bio-Bibliography of Black Photographers, 1940-1988. Deborah Willis-Thomas, 1989.  JOUR-R TR139.W55 1989.
  • Black Photographers, 1840-1940:  An Illustrated Bio-Bibliography. by Deborah Willis-Thomas, 1985.  JOUR   TR139.W55 1985.
  • International Guide to Nineteenth-Century Photographers and Their Works: based on Catalogues of Auction Houses and Dealers. by Gary Edwards, 1988.  JOUR-R TR15.E48 1988.