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Missouri Historical Documents Browser: 1927

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Missouri State Agencies and Institutions, 1927

Source: Official Manual of the State of Missouri
pp. 23-41; 485-740

A "Yes" in the Found in Journal column indicates that the department's annual or biennial report
was published in legislative journal appendices. Scroll down for more detail.

Full Text in HathiTrust Agency Name Major Serial Publications Supplementary Information
  Accountancy, Board of Public    
  Adjutant General - SEE - National Guard    
  Agriculture, State Board of Farm Census
Bulletins 1
Bulletins 2
  Anatomical Board, State    
  Athletic Commission    
  Auditor, State Reports  
  Automobile Registration Division (listed under Sec of State)    
  Barbers' State Board of Examiners for Missouri    
  Black and St. Francois River Commission    
  Blind, Missouri Commission for the    
  Blind, Missouri School for the - St. Louis Report History thesis (1938)
  Bonus Bureau    
  Budget, Missouri State *    
  Building and Loan Supervision, Bureau of Reports  
  Capitol Decoration Commission    
  Central Missouri State Teachers College - Warrensburg Yearbooks History books
  Champ Clark Monument Commission    
  Charities and Corrections, State Board of Reports History thesis (1934)
  Child Hygiene, Division of (listed under Board of Health)    
  Childrens' Bureau of the State Board of Charities (listed under State Board of Charities)    
  Chiropractic Examiners, State Board of    
  Confederate Home of Missouri - Higginsville   State historic site
  Corporation Department (listed under Secretary of State)    
  Dairying, State Bureau of (listed under State Board of Agriculture)    
  Deaf, Missouri School for the - Fulton   History book (2000)
  Dental Board (changed name from MO State Board of Dental Examiners in 1917)    
  Education, Board of Reports School directory
History thesis (1965)
History thesis (1946)
More history books
  Electric Light, Water and Gas Department (listed under the Public Service Commission)    
  Eleemosynary Institutions, Board of Managers of State Reports Dissertation (1929)
  Embalming, State Board of    
  Engineering Department (listed under the Public Service Commission)    
  Equalization, Board of Journal - QUEST
Journal - All Others
  Fair, State Premium books  
  Federal Soldiers' Home, State - St. James   Resident index
  Finance, Department of Reports  
  Food and Drug Department Reports  
  Fruit Experiment Station - Mountain Grove Circulars  
  Fund Commissioners, State Board of    
  Game and Fish Department Reports  
  Geology and Mines, Bureau of Reports  
  Governor Messages & Proclamations  
  Grain and Warehouse Department, State    
  Health, State Board of Vital Statistics
Public Health News
  Highway Department Reports
Reports - QUEST
History in 1966 and 1967 annual reports MERLIN, LANCE, QUEST1, QUEST2
  Historical Society of Missouri Reports
MO Hist Review
History book (1948)
History book (1998)
  Home for Neglected and Dependent Children, State - Carrollton (listed under Board of Charities and Corrections)    
  Horticultural Society, Missouri State (listed under Board of Agriculture)    
  Hospital No. #1, State - Fulton   History book (2007)
See Eleemosynary publications
  Hospital No. #2 State - St. Joseph   See Eleemosynary publications
  Hospital No. #3 State - Nevada   History book (1985)
See Eleemosynary publications
  Hospital No. #4, State - Farmington   See Eleemosynary publications
  Hospital, Audrain County    
  Hospital, Boone County    
  Hospital, Callaway    
  Industrial Home for Girls - Chillicothe Included in report of Penal Institutions History book (2004)
History thesis (1943)
  Industrial Home for Negro Girls - Tipton Included in report of Penal Institutions History book (1946)
History book (2004)
History thesis (2006)
History thesis (1943)
  Insurance Department Reports on paper
Reports on microfiche
  Labor and Industrial Inspection, Department of Reports  
  Labor Statistics, Bureau of * Reports  
  Lands Division, Register of (listed under Secretary of State)    
  Law Examiners, Board of    
  Legal Department (Attorney General)    
  Library Commission, Missouri Reports - ARTHUR,
  Library, Missouri State Reports - ARTHUR, MERLIN  
  Lieutenant Governor    
  Lincoln University - Jefferson City   1939 History book
1996 Reprint of history book
  Marketing Bureau, Missouri State    
  Mines, Bureau of Reports  
  Motor Bus Division (listed under Public Service Commission)    
  Motor Vehicle Department    
  National Guard, Missouri   History book (1934)
History book (1987)
  Negro Industrial Commission of Missouri    
  Northeast Missouri State Teachers College - Kirksville   History book (1972)
  Northwest Missouri State Teachers College - Maryville Catalogs  
  Nurse Examiners, Missouri State Board of    
  Oil Inspection and Gas Tax Collection    
  Optometry, Missouri State Board of    
  Osteopathic Registration and Examination, Board of    
  Penal Institutions, Department of Reports Dissertation (1929)
History book (2004)
  Penitentiary, Missouri State - Jefferson City Included in report of Penal Institutions Prisoner index
History book (2004)
  Permanent Seat of Government, Board of    
  Pharmacy, State Board of Reports  
  Poultry, State Association Yearbook  
  Poultry Experiment Station - Mountain Grove Bulletins  
  Public Printing Commission    
  Public Service Commission Report 1
Report 2
History book (1992)
  Railroad Rate Department (listed under the Public Service Commission)    
  Reformatory, Missouri - Boonville Included in report of Penal Institutions History thesis (1950)
History book (2004)
  Resources Museum Commission    
  Sanitorium, Missouri State - Mount Vernon   See Eleemosynary publications
  School of Mines and Metallurgy - Rolla Catalogues
History book (1946)
History book (1983)
  School, Missouri State - Marshall   See Eleemosynary publications
  Schools, State Department of Public Reports School directory
History thesis (1965)
History thesis (1946)
History book (1911)
More history books
  Secretary of State Primary election returns  
  Securities Department (commonly called 'Blue Skies' Department)    
  Soldiers Home, State Federal - St. James   Resident index
  Southeast Missouri State Teachers College - Cape Girardeau Yearbooks History book (1979)
  Southwest Missouri State Teachers College - Springfield   History book (MERLIN)
History book (OTHERS)
  Stallion Registry Board    
  State Department    
  Statute Revision Commission    
  Tax Commission, State Report  
  Telephone Department (listed under the Public Service Commission)    
  Treasurer Reports History book (1963)
  Tuberculosis Hospital, Jasper County - Webb City    
  University of Missouri - Columbia Board of Visitors reports  
  University of Missouri-Columbia. Agricultural Experiment Station Reports  
  Veterinary Department, State (listed under Board of Agriculture)    
  Veterinary Examiners, Board of    
  Visitors, Board of Reports  
  Vocational Division (listed under State Dept of Public Schools)    
  Workmen's Compensation Commission   Dissertation (1931)

Appendices to the House and Senate Journals

Reports published in Appendices to the Missouri Journals of the House and Senate 1926-1927 (54th General Assembly)

Appendix volumes lack continuous pagination; reports appear in the order given below.

Volume I:

  • Biennial report of the State Geologist transmitted by the Board of Managers of the Bureau of Geology and Mines
  • Report of the State Auditor, 1925-26
  • Biennial report of the State Board of Charities and Corrections, 1925-26
  • Biennial report, Department of Penal Institutions, 1925-26
  • Annual report of the Food and Drug Commissioner, 1926
  • Biennial report of the Board of Directors Missouri State Fair, itemized statement of receipts and disbursements, 1925-26
  • Missouri State Poultry Association Yearbook, 1926
  • Fifth biennial report of the State Highway Commission of Missouri, 1925-26

    Volume II:

  • Report of the Missouri State Board for Vocational Education beginning July 1, 1924, ending June 30, 1926
  • Fifth biennial Missouri State Budget for 1927-28, presented by the State Tax Commission
  • Fourth biennial report of the Missouri Negro Industrial Commission devoted to the industrial welfare of colored citizens, 1925-26
  • Report of the Legislative Auditing Committee
  • Board of Regents biennial report of the Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, Kirksville, MO, 1925-26
  • Board of Regents biennial report of the Central Missouri State Teachers College, Warrensburg, MO, 1925-26
  • Board of Regents biennial report of the Southeast Missouri State Teachers College, Cape Girardeau, MO, 1925-26
  • Board of Regents biennial report of the Southwest Missouri State Teachers College, Springfield, MO, 1925-26
  • Board of Regents biennial report of the Northwest Missouri State Teachers College, Maryville, MO, 1925-26
  • Twentieth annual report of the Missouri Library Commission, 1926
  • Thirteenth biennial report of the Executive Committee of the State Historical Society of Missouri, 1925-26
  • Third biennial report of the Board of Mangers of the State Eleemosynary Institutions, 1925-26
  • Fifteenth biennial report of the confederate Soldier’s Home of Missouri, Higginsville, MO, 1925-26
  • Thirty-sixth biennial report of the Missouri School for the Deaf, 1925-26