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Missouri Historical Documents Browser: 1847

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Missouri State Agencies and Institutions, 1847

A "Yes" in the Found in Journal column indicates that the department's annual or biennial report
was published in legislative journal appendices. Scroll down for more detail.

Full Text in HathiTrust Agency Name Major Serial Publications Supplementary Information
  Adjutant General (Militia Department)   History thesis (1999)
History book (1987)
Yes Auditor and Treasurer, Joint Committee Appointed to Settle with    
Yes Auditor of Public Accounts    
Yes Banks, Committee on    
Yes Claims, Committee on    
Yes Education, Committee on    
Yes Elections, Committee on    
Yes Federal Relations, Committee on    

Yes (Mexican War)



Messages & Proclamations

Dissertation (1907)
Yes Judiciary, Committee on    



Penitentiary   History book (2004)
Yes Public Schools, Superintendent of Reports History thesis (1965)*
History thesis (1946)*
History book (1911)*
More history books*
Yes Treasurer, State    
Yes University, State - Columbia


History books
Yes Ways and Means, Committee on    


Appendices to the House and Senate Journals

Reports published in Appendices to the Missouri Journals of the House and Senate 1846-1847 (14th General Assembly)

  • Secretary of State report on election returns (p. 282-291)
  • Joint Committee appointed to settle with the Auditor and Treasurer (p. 1-2)
  • State Treasurer (p. 3-8)
  • Auditor of Public Accounts (p. 9-33, 218-221)
  • Inspectors of the Penitentiary (p. 39-54) report includes names and information on each prisoner
  • Joint committee appointed by the governor to examine the Bank of the State of Missouri and branches  (p. 55-122)
  • Superintendent of Common Schools (p. 123-170)
  • Curators of the University of the State of Missouri (p. 171-178)
  • Joint Committee on the Penitentiary (p. 197-201)
  • Joint Committee appointed to visit the University at Columbia (p. 201-205)
  • Committee on Elections (p. 221-238, 262)
  • Committee on the Militia (p. 238-240, 270-271)
  • Committee on the Judiciary (p. 259-262, 265-269)
  • Committee on Claims (p. 262-266, 270)
  • Committee on Ways and Means (p. 269)
  • Committee on Education (p. 271-272)
  • Committee on Banks (p. 273-274)
  • Committee on Federal Relations (p. 275-278)