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Missouri Historical Documents Browser: 1871

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Missouri State Agencies and Institutions, 1871

A "Yes" in the Full Text in Hathi Trust column indicates that the department's annual or biennial report
was published in legislative journal appendices. Scroll down for more detail.

Full Text in HathiTrust Agency Name Major Serial Publications Supplementary Information
Yes Adjutant General (Militia Department) Reports
History thesis (1999)
History book (1987)
  Agricultural and Mechanical Association, St. Louis Report  
  Agriculture, State Board of Reports  
Yes, Yes Auditor - Receipts and Expenditures, Report for 1869-1870 Reports  
YesYes Blind, Missouri Institute for the Education of the   History thesis (1938)
YesYes Deaf and Dumb, Missouri Institution for the     
Yes Education, State Board of    
Yes Education, Board of - School Lands    
  Entomologist, State* Reports Collected papers
Yes Geologist    
Yes, Yes Governor - Brown (adjourned session); McClurg Messages & Proclamations Dissertation (1907)
Yes Home for Destitute Widows and Orphans (Jackson County, MO)    
  Horticultural Society, State   History book (1959)
Bibliography (1891)
Yes Immigration, Board of    
Yes, Yes, Yes Insurance Department - Part I, Part II, and Supplementary Report Reports on paper
Reports on microfiche
Yes Lands, Register of    
Yes Lincoln Institute - Jefferson City   History book (1939)
1996 Reprint of history book
Yes Lunatic Asylum, State - Fulton   History book (2007)
Yes Normal school, District No. 1 - Kirksville   History book (1905)
History book (1972)
Yes Normal school, District No. 2 - Warrensburg    
Yes Penitentiary -- Report of the Warden   History book (2004)
History thesis (1971)
Yes Railroads of the State    
YesYes Schools, Superintendent of Public (5th and 6th Annual Reports) Reports
Reports 2
History thesis (1965)*
History thesis (1946)*
History book (1911)*
More history books*
Yes Treasurer    
YesYes University - Columbia (1871 and 1872) Catalogues History books



Appendices to the House and Senate Journals

Reports published in Appendices to the Missouri Journals of the House and Senate 1870-1871


(Volume lacks continuous pagination; reports appear in the order given below)

  • Report of Receipts and Expenditures of the State of Missouri
  • Adjutant General
  • Missouri State Lunatic Asylum
  • Board of Immigration (2nd Biennal report)
  • Superintendent of Public Schools (Includes State University, Deaf & Dumb Asylum, and Institute for the Education of …Blind), also includes county-by-county reports of public schools.
  • State Treasurer


(Volume lacks continuous pagination; reports appear in the order given below)

[PART 1]

  • Missouri State Penitentiary
  • Adjutant General
  • Register of Lands
  • Insurance Department Supplementary Report (See full report in PART 2.)
  • Home for Destitute Widows and Orphans (Jackson County)
  • Auditor's Report
  • Report of Board of Education of the State of MO in Regard to School Lands
  • Superintendent of Public Schools

[PART 2]

  • Insurance Department (382 pages)
  • State Geologist
  • Commutations, Reprieves & Pardons granted by the Governor
  • Adjutant General
  • Receipts into the Treasury
  • State Treasurer
  • Board of Immigration
  • Superintendent of Public Schools