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Peace Studies: Laws & Policy

Tips, techniques & links to help you find answers for your research papers & projects

Laws & Policy

For some of your assignments you may need to track down a specific policy or law or the background (legislative history) of the law. There are several good choices for this depending on where you are starting and what you are trying to find.

+U.S. Government

Proquest Congressional is a database that focuses exclusively on U.S. Congress' activities.  

HeinOnline is a law database that includes primary legal sources as well as journal articles discussing the background and impact of laws.

+Click on the links if you are looking for MISSOURI state information, or for other state governments


+International/Foreign Governments


See our guides to federal information on foreign governments international and to United Nations papers.  Also, once you have identified key organizations, use Google to search for their web sites, which often contain important reports and documents.  For best results, put quotation marks around the name of the organization, e.g.,

                  "UN Women"  or  "Doctors without Borders"