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eStatement Studies: Client Comparison Worksheet

What is it?

The Client Comparison Worksheet is a Microsoft Excel work book designed to help you compare your client's financial data with standard data exported from eStatementStudies. 

When you download an industry into the workbook you will be able to enter in your client's information using several input forms.  There are buttons located on the left hand side of the input forms which allow you to switch between them, and enter all the necessary data.  In order to make sure that the data is complete and accurate the workbook will generate totals, and sub-totals automatically.  You will need to make sure that the Assets and Liabilities are in balance, and an alert is provided on each tab to help you do this. 

There are "thumbtabs" along the bottom of the workbook which will take you to the various pages of exported data.  On the far right of each page is a column titled "Client Comparison" which will contain the calculated information from your input.

The workbook is tested to be compatible with Microsoft Excel 2000, 2002, and 2003, and it may work with earlier versions. 

When you first open the work book you will may be prompted to "enable macros".  You must enable them in order for the workbook to function correctly.  If your Excel security preferences are set to  "high" or "very high" you will not be prompted, and the work book will open to a special tab alerting you to the fact that the macros are disabled.  You will have to lower you security settings and reopen the work book in order to continue.

To adjust the settings go to the Tools menu, choose "options" and click the security tab.  You should see a button labeled "Macro Security" click that and set you preferences to medium.  Close Excel and re-open the work book.


Copied from RMA's website,  10/08/10