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eStatement Studies: Searching

Basic Search Tips

There are three ways to search in basic mode:  alphabetically by industry, by NAICS, and by industry sector. 

Searching by NAICS:

1. Pull down on Select box and make your selection.  Click Go.

2. Select a NAICS code by clicking on it.

3. If data is available, it will appear.  Otherwise, the message "There is no data available for this industry" will appear, and you will need to select again.

4. Pull-downs enable you to change the year and region.  Six categories (3 sets of financial ratio benchmarks and 3 sets of industry default probabilities and cash flow measures) are listed over the chart; change views by clicking on the desired heading.  Some lines include bar graphs; to access, click on the icon at the far left.

For more advanced screening by financial statement item and sales size, see the Advanced Search toolbar tab.

Advanced Searching

Advanced searching allows you to find financially similar industries to the one you're examining based on one or two data points, e.g.  net worth, inventory, etc.