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Textile and Apparel Management: Write & Cite


Zotero is a computer program that provides a storage space for citations (references to works you use in your writing) and formats them in any of hundreds of citation formats as you write your paper, article, annotated bibliography, dissertation or book.

Go to to download the latest version of Zotero, plus Browser Connectors for any of the following web browsers you use: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari. See our video showing how to do this and other key setup steps.

Alternately, if all the computers you use have Zotero installed, you can register a free online account with Zotero, which will allow you to store your Zotero records on Zotero's servers, and sync that online library with the Zotero program on any computer.  You will still need the Zotero program to be running on the computers you use, however.

See our Zotero guide for more information.

Writing Resources

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