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Chemical Engineering 4980W, Process Synthesis and Design: Equipment

eBooks for Chemical Process Equipment

  • ThomasNet: Process Equipment 
    Processing implies that a certain operation or action requires more than one step—in the manufacturing of a product, there are several steps in which materials are treated and prepared. For each step of the process there are specific machines and equipment designed to make production as efficient and effective as possible. 

Print Resources - Equipment Information

  • Chemical Process Equipment: Selection and Design, by Stanley M. Walas
    Practical guide to the selection and design of a wide range of chemical process equipment. Emphasis is placed on real-world process design and performance of equipment.
    ENGR Reserve (ask at circulation desk): TP157.C414 2005

  • Coulson & Richardson's Chemical Engineering v.6
    ENGR Reserve TP155 .C69 1996 2005
    "This chapter is an introduction to the nature and methodology of the design process, and its application to the design of chemical manufacturing processes..."
    • mixing and agitation
    • (agitated vessels and in-line mixers)
    • evaporation and drying
    • cooling towers
    • solid-liquid separation (filtration, centrifugation, sedimentation)
    • distillation and gas absorption
    • disintegration, agglomeration and size-enlargement
    • transfer of solids (conveyors, elevators)
    • solid-gas separation (cyclones, filters)
    • fluid transport equipment (pumps, compressors)
    • heat-exchange
    • direct fire heating (furnaces)
    • crystallization
    • extraction and leaching
    • adsorption and ion exchange
    • storage of gases and liquids (tanks)

  • Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry, v.B4.
    Covers reactors of various types and basic information on plant design.

Cost Indexes for Plants, Equipment, & Construction

  • Plant Cost Index.
    In print, last page of each issue of the journal Chemical Engineering.
    ENGR TN1.M46

  • Marshall & Swift Equipment Cost Index.
    In print, last page of each issue of the journal Chemical Engineering.
    ENGR TN1.M46

  • Vatavuk Pollution Control Cost Indexes.
    Included in issues of the journal Chemical Engineering.
    ENGR TN1.M46

  • Builder's Construction Cost Indexes.
    Included quarterly in issues of the journal ENR.
    in print, EL&TC Current Periodicals
    ENGR TA1.E6