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Maps and Geographic Information Systems: Air & Water Navigation

Tips, techniques & links to help you find answers for your research papers & projects

In-House Maps

Here is a quick guide to in-house maps located in the Government Docs section of the library. The Maps are stored in one of two locations. Either in flat-storage in the cabinets or folded up in boxes on the shelves. Both of these are located next to each other.

Misc. Folded Maps

There are a variety of folded maps located via SuDoc. Here are some links to digital copies of several of them.

Types of Maps in House

There is a wide variety of government maps available:

  • Political maps from the Executive Office of the President and the CIA
  • Demographic maps from the Census Bureau
  • Topographical maps from the USGS
  • Land use maps from the Dept of the Interior
  • Nautical charts from the NOAA
  • Historic military battle maps from the Dept of War
  • Historic maps showing railroads, rivers, roads, etc.
  • Maps of federal lands, parks, etc. from the USDA

Where  to find government maps that are cataloged in the UM LIBRARIES CATALOG and which show a location in Ellis Library.

  • If MERLIN indicates MU ELLIS DOCS MAPas the location, it will be in one of two places.
    • If the map was shipped to us folded, it will be shelved upright on shelves outside the Docs office.
    • If it was shipped to us rolled, then the map will be stored flat in a map cabinet located just outside the Docs office.
    • There is no way for anyone to know whether the map was shipped to us folded or rolled, so you essentially have to check both places.
    • Click on the location link in MERLIN, to get a very detailed page with photographs showing the map shelves, a floor map with map shelves clearly marked.
  • If MERLIN indicates MU ELLIS DOCS, the map is shelved with the regular government documents in 1 East.

National Forest Topographic Quadrangle Maps

Map Cabinet 5, drawers 10-15. Mostly not cataloged - unfolded/flat. Sudoc A 13.28: Index in drawer 10.

Digital maps of the different national forests are linked below.

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