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Journalism 4250 Management of Strategic Communication - Spring 2023: SimplyAnalytics Tutorial

SimplyAnalytics Tutorial

Create a new project.

Start by choosing locations. You can choose Columbia, MO (city), Boone County, Missouri and USA in order to make comparisons. You then choose the data you want to display.

Choose Create Project Without Seed Variables.


Select Create Comparison Table as a New View

You will be asked to add data to the table.


Under the Data tab, select Age, then select your variables. I selected those below to get a sense of what proportion youth ages 18-24 occupy various locations. You can also choose to view the actual numbers of the youth population for each area as opposed to percentages.


You can also add other data to your table using the data tab.

Click on the Map square on the right to see a map of the current variable. Mapping is available for each variable. If you want to choose a different variable to view, click on the drop-down box at the top left.



You can add business locations to your map. While viewing the map, click on Businesses in the top left. You can search for a type of business, such as coffee shops, or a particular business, such as Starbucks.


You can download your data into an excel spreadsheet or save your map as a jpg or pdf using the Export button on the top right.

Under the Support tab, you can view an introductory video, work through a tutorial or download a training guide.