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Journalism 4952 Fall 2022: Module 2: Survey

Module 2: Survey

The books listed below will provide guidance in crafting your survey questions. Simply Analytics can provide demographic and location information for businesses. View the tutorial for assistance in creating your first table. The databases contain public polls and surveys. You might find data on your particular scenario. Use Qualtrics to create your survey.

Survey Research Methods

Survey and Polls Resources

Below are two lists of agencies and companies that create and publish public surveys and polls. You may not need them for this class, but this will give you an idea of the breadth of topics covered and the types of organizations that create them.  

Non-profit and Non-partisan Organizations

News Organizations and Commercial Polls

Survey Software - Qualtrics

Qualtrics -  begin setting up your account. You will login using your University of Missouri credentials (pawprint and Password)  

Capture survey results that can assist with collecting data for research projects or class assignments, or assess user satisfaction with academic and administrative programs. Create surveys, collect responses, and analyze data through the Qualtrics insight platform.

Qualtrics Basic Overview - tutorial on setting up your first survey. 


These resources can provide data on actual surveys. However, most of the questions are asked of adults as a group, and I was unable to find any that were specifically directed to young adults. The data can still inform your survey, as you look at the types of questions asked. 

Questionnaire Design and Survey Examples

Demographics and Location Analysis

You can use Simply Analytics to find the locations of a type of business in the area, or to find out the demographics of young people in the city, county and state.

This tutorial will introduce you to the software, using examples from your class.

Citing Simply Analytics. You will need to view the metadata for the data set to get information for your citation. To view the metadata, click on a variable in the table and then select Metadata. This guide explains how to cite Simply Analytics in APA style.

Module 2 Deliverables

1. Develop a survey with appropriate scales in a Word document using the criteria noted above. Single space paragraphs and double space between paragraphs.

[Survey Length: 1-2 pages + sources cited].

2. Write a short memo describing your approach to the survey. Topics to touch on might include: your rationale for including certain questions, your thought process behind the survey, as well as any tradeoffs (i.e., pros and cons) or other considerations, etc. Single space paragraphs and double space between paragraphs.

[Memo Length: 1 page or about 500 words]