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Journalism 4250: Where to Start

Use this guide to locate the most relevant resources for your project

Spring 2024 Client Information

Client: Fairlife Core Power

Problem: The client would like to target Generation Z and college students.

Topics of Interest:

  • Ready To Drink (RTD) protein drink category
    • Market size
    • Market composition/key players
    • Industry trends
      • How brands are targeting consumers through social media and influencer
    • Consumer trends driving the category
  • Broader Gen Z health and fitness-related trends

Database Access

Some links listed in this guide will require a login.

  • Your username is your MU pawprint (the part of your email that comes before the @)
  • Your password is your MU password (the one you use to login to email)

To find a specific database:

To find a specific article:

  • Go to
  • Select "A Specific Article" under "Looking For"
  • If you have the DOI or PMID, use those for an easier search
  • Enter the journal title, volume, number, page number, and year

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