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How to find books


When a book is checked out from the MU Libraries, or when our campus libraries don't own a book, you may request a copy from a larger group of libraries called MOBIUS. You can access MOBIUS in two ways:

  • Follow links from search results pages within Discover@MU (Uncheck location checkboxes such as "MU Books" or "Ellis Library" before transferring your search to MOBIUS).
  • Search MOBIUS directly

When you locate a catalog record for a book you want, make sure it's not available at MU, and then use the Request It button to have the book sent to the MOBIUS library of your choice for pickup. Note that e-books not owned by MU cannot be borrowed from other libraries.


MOBIUS Request

Prospector and WorldCat

If a book you are looking for isn't available in MOBIUS, you can expand the search to academic, public and special libraries in Colorado and Wyoming by using the Prospector link at the top of the search results page in MOBIUS.

Additional information on Prospector

Prsopector link in MOBIUS

If your book is unavailable in Prospector, try locating a copy in the Worldcat database to expand your search beyond libraries in Missouri, Colorado and Wyoming.. Follow links from Worldcat to ILL@MU to initiate an interlibrary loan request for the book.