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Web of Science: Basics and More: Getting Started

Running & Refining a Keyword Search

1. Go to the Web of Science database to begin your search. Web of Science defaults to a basic topic search, also known as a keyword search. To get started, type in a keyword or keyword phrase, set the year range that you prefer (or default to All Years) and click on Search:

Screenshot of web of science search form


2. You can sort results by relevance, times cited, and more. Web of Science automatically sorts results from newest to oldest. Other options to refine your search are available. You can refine by Web of Science Category and Document Type. You can also type in extra keywords into the "Refine Results" box on the left side of the screen:

screenshot pointing out sort by drop down menu and refine results search box

3. Once you have the results you want, you can select them and add them to a marked list, then email or print out the citation records:

screenshot showing how to check boxes nest to results, and location of add to marked list button above the results

Creating a Web of Science Account

  1. You can create a Web of Science to save your search results (for free). This is an easy and convenient way to save your citations and search results. 
  2. Go to the Web of Science database at (It is important to make sure you have the proxy prefix on the URL so that you can identify yourself as an MU affiliate). 
  3. Find the Sign In link in the toolbar at the top right of the screen and choose the Register option:

          screenshot showing the sign in menu towards the top right of the screen

3. Use an email address to create an account. Once you create an account, you should be able to log in. (If you need to, use the Sign In link in the toolbar and click on Sign In again.) You will be taken into the Web of Science landing page, where you should see your name in the top right to show you are logged in. 

"Screenshot of Web of Science landing page after signing in"