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Web of Science: Basics and More

This guide provides an overview of Web of Science

Cited Reference Search

Use the Cited Reference Search to find:

  • times cited information for articles published before 1990 (when our Web of Science coverage begins).
  • times cited information for items not indexed by Web of Science (particularly books and works of art).
  • authors and publications citing books and articles not indexed by Web of Science.
  • times cited information for cited reference variants (e.g. an incorrect title, volume number, page number or year is provided in a publication's bibliography.

Enter in the author's last name and then first name or initial. You also have the option to enter in a cited work, doi, year, volume, issue, pages, and/or title.

Search box for cited references

2. Note that some works may appear more than once in the list due to formatting differences such as citing a specific page.

List of results from cited references search