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Veterinary Medicine & Surgery 6920: Equine Techniques Elective

Resources, tips, and techniques for searching the veterinary literature

VMS 6920: Information Resources Module


This module is intended to give veterinary students hands-on experience in using the literature to support clinical practice. AVMA Competency 9: critical analysis of new information and research findings relevant to veterinary medicine.

Online Component 

Clinical Component

  • Class session and hands-on practice in creating PICO questions, searching databases, and evaluating results

Learning Objectives

  • Be familiar with the concepts of evidence-based veterinary medicine
  • Use PICO to formulate a clinical question
  • Translate PICO into literature search strategies
  • Use PubMed and other sources to find best evidence

Preparation requirements and study materials

Opportunities for practice and review

  • Consultations with librarian at any time


  • In-class participation and brief quiz 100%