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Veterinary Medicine & Surgery 6920: Equine Techniques Elective

Resources, tips, and techniques for searching the veterinary literature

Q: Will I have access to the Library resources after I graduate?
A: Due to our licensing agreements, our electronic resources are restricted to current MU affiliates.

Here are your options...

We do have ways for you to purchase individual articles via Document Delivery, BUT, there are a few other avenues as well.

You’ll find more and more articles available via Open Access. In PubMed, you’ll see a “Free Full Text” filter in your search results window. And I highly recommend downloading the “Unpaywall” browser extension – it searches for free full-text from publisher’s web sites; digital repositories; etc.

When you are looking at positions, ask what subscriptions or databases are available (or could be paid for via your employer). Will they pay your membership fees? Do they pay for VIN? VIN connects to document delivery services from UC-Davis (pretty reasonable rates).

Most public universities allow on-site access to the electronic collection. Find out where the nearest university / vet school is and investigate their policies. If you end up practicing in Columbia, you're always welcome to come back into the library! And, you can always email Rae for more information.