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Veterinary Medicine & Surgery 6920: Equine Techniques Elective

Resources, tips, and techniques for searching the veterinary literature


Discover@MU searches articles, books, and more. You can limit the Library Location to the Veterinary Library.

Finding eBooks

MU Libraries has millions of eBooks!

In MERLIN, the library catalog, eBooks have  "[electronic resource]" in the title, and you'll see an "eBook" icon on the results page.


In MERLIN's Advanced Search, you can limit the "Material Type" to Ebooks.

ScienceDirect Veterinary eBooks

Guide to Veterinary eBooks

Core electronic textbooks in the Health Sciences

the Library Catalog

MERLIN CATALOG: Use the Library Catalog to find books and ebooks on various topics.

Keyword Search: Type keywords that describe your topic into the search box (e.g., lameness horses). Use quotation marks to search for phrases.

Title Search: Type in the first few words of a title (e.g., lameness in horses)

MOBIUS Catalog

MOBIUS CATALOG is an online union catalog of academic libraries in the state of Missouri.  It contains over 18 million items that are requestable and deliverable in 3 days.

Request Books

Google Books

Why use Google Books?

Google Books searches the full-text of books.  It is great for narrow topics because it lets you search within the text of books--you can see the table of contents, index or a portion of the contents of the book.  You can then locate the book in a nearby library.

Google Book Search