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English 4250/7250: 19th-Century English Literature: Secrets and Scandals


This guide is designed to help you access the wide array of resources we have to support your work for this class.

If you feel stuck at any point, please don't hesitate to ask for help! We love hearing about your projects and exploring with you. Someone is available to help with basic questions almost 24/7 via the support button on the right of the screen. Or you can make an appointment with me or another subject specialist via MU Connect, or via the links in the box on the left. I'm happy to meet in person, via zoom, phone, or in any way that works best for you.

If you are not in Columbia, please take a look at our services for distance learners page. We want to make your experience as close to being here as possible.

--- Anne Barker
    Research & Instructional Services Librarian for Arts, Literature, and Language.


New Catalog!

We've recently upgraded to a new catalog system, which is integrated into the Discover@MU search box on the main page, so there are no more links to the old MERLIN catalog. (If you happen upon an old link to MERLIN, you may still see catalog records, but they are no longer up to date.)

To search the new system, start with any keyword. This will present you with a general list of results of all sorts and a more advanced search screen that allows you to refine your search to make it more precise. At this screen you'll want to login with your MU credentials at the top of the screen to have access to all the online resources. The default is to search for materials we have immediate access to, but you can also begin with a wider search by clicking the Search MU & Beyond link below the main search box. This searches a wider range of resources, probably more useful for advanced researchers.

Tick the MU Columbia Catalog box in the left sidebar of the results list to limit to things typically shown in a library catalog: books, videos, journals, but not the articles within the journals. You can further limit to a type of material, by location, language, publication date, etc.. You can request materials be retrieved for you by clicking the "place a request" button. If you'd like us to scan a section of a print book, please use the interlibrary loan request form.

On the right sidebar you can transfer your search to MOBIUS to see what other Missouri libraries have and request delivery from them, or to WorldCat, which is even wider.

We're still working through some glitches in the implementation of this new system and will continue to tweak things to improve functionality. You can help us by letting us know of any problems you run into or suggestions for features you'd like to see.