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Recordings and Tutorials

How to use our learning modules

The Library Resource Modules and general Information Literacy Modules on this guide are intended for:

  1. the self-guided learner exploring the MU Libraries online and information literacy concepts.
  2. instructors who wish to assign these learning modules to their students to help them in the course and in their academic careers.

Libraries Homepage Interactive Tutorial

Description: This tutorial will provide videos, live website work, quiz questions and links to other resources to give you the tools and tips you need to find any resource at the University Libraries.

Learning Objective: Learn how to navigate the Libraries website.

Primary and Secondary Sources I

Description: Identifying primary and secondary sources is a skill often required for research projects.  This module is designed to give you a basic understanding of how to distinguish between primary and secondary sources.

Learning Objective: Learn how to determine whether a source is primary or secondary.

Avoid Plagiarism

Description: Plagiarism is often unintentional. This tutorial is designed to provide you with important skills and knowledge to help you avoid committing plagiarism.

Learning Objective: Learn about Plagiarism and test your knowledge with this interactive tutorial.

Extras: Watch these videos on Academic Integrity to learn more:  How to Report (7:34 mins) | Cultural Considerations (6:37 mins) | Teaching Moments (7:03 mins)

Scavenger Hunt

Description: This is self-guided tour of library spaces and service areas in order to acquaint users with the library and decrease library anxiety. 

Learning Objective: By completing this activity, we hope students will understand, prefer, and be committed to the value of using library resources for academic inquiry. 

Maps - Library and Archival Collections

Description: This module will introduce you to the physical collections that can be found in the various libraries and archives on the University of Missouri-Columbia campus and to the digital collections that can be accessed through the MU Libraries webpage.

Learning Objective: Learn how to identify and locate relevant collections.

Citation Builder from NCSU Library

Description: Quickly build citations for a number of different materials in the citation style of your choosing, including APA 6, MLA 7, MLA 8, Chicago (author-date), and CSE/CBE (author-date).  Simply fill in the information needed to generate your bibliographic citation.

Learning Objective: Learn how to appropriately credit the information that you use.

Search Strategy Builder

Description: A research strategy is a structure for searching resources pertaining to a topic.  This approach consists of developing search terms and determining what resources to explore using those concepts.  This module will help you identify terms and then structure your search.

Learning Objective: Learn how to create a search string using Boolean logic.