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MU Libraries Scavenger Hunt: FIG Seminars


The MU Libraries would like to invite this year's PAs to incorporate the Library's Scavenger Hunt into their syllabi as a mandatory activity.  An early introduction to the library helps students understand that the library is there for them and it has online and in-building resources that students may not have experienced in their high school library.  We can help you achieve your FIG goal of ensuring a smooth transition from high school to college and introducing students to skills and habits which foster their academic success.

Information for PAs

The goal of this activity is to acquaint students with library spaces and services while decreasing their library anxiety.  Additionally, by completing this activity, we hope students will understand, prefer, and be committed to the value of using library resources for academic inquiry. 

There are two formats:

1. Smartphone/tablet-friendly. This is the URL for the online, smartphone-friendly version of the scavenger hunt:

How to use this activity:

  • Make sure your students know your name and your email address.
  • Students should bring their smartphone or tablet with them. They can check out iPads at the circulation desk if they do not have a device of their own.
  • All students who complete the Scavenger Hunt receive a completion email that includes their name, a brief completion message, and a link they can use to view more learning resources. Students should forward that email along to their instructors as proof of completion.

2. Paper. The paper version can be picked up at the Reference Desk or instructors can print their own activity sheets from this guide (next column) for distribution to students.

How to use this activity:

  • Make sure your students know your name and your email address
  • Once students complete the activity, they should scan the activity sheet using instructions on the sheet itself, and email them both to the instructor and to Navadeep Khanal, E-Learning Librarian (


Students need to be courteous to their fellow students and respect quiet areas


Scavenger Hunt

This activity should take students approximately 30 minutes while walking around Ellis Library and completing the scavenger hunt activity online or on paper.

Online version: You can join the hunt with your smartphone or other mobile devices in hand. Go to: Or,

Need help?

If you have questions or need help during the scavenger hunt activity, contact the Reference Desk at 573.882.4581, or contact Navadeep Khanal at