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Heath Care Pricing Transparency and Consumer Rights: Tips

Basic tips

After receiving a bill...

  • If it says "Due upon receipt," ask the provider for more time.
  • Request an itemized bill that includes the medical codes, so you can check each charge for accuracy.
  • Always wait to receive an "Explanation of Benefits" (EOB) from your insurance company before paying a medical bill.  
  • If there is anything about a bill or EOB you do not understand, call the phone number listed and ask for it to be fully explained.
  • If you still question the charges after bringing it to the attention of customer service personnel at the provider and insurance company, file an appeal through the insurance website.

Medical coding, billing and health insurance systems are complex, but behind it all is our common wish to find a model that financially supports care for everyone who needs it.  The appeals process provides the opportunity to correct imperfect outcomes on a case-by-case basis.  Do not hesitate to use it.

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