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Heath Care Pricing Transparency and Consumer Rights: Beyond the appeal

Where to file complaints

In addition to filing an official appeal through one's insurance website, patients with complaints involving providers or insurers may use the following avenues:

  • Employees having health insurance through the workplace can inform their HR departments of problems.
  • Some health care providers post "Patient Bill of Rights" statements.  It should list an address or hotline to report problems.
  • State level
    • Missouri Department of Insurance offers links and instructions for complaints involving...
    • Attorneys General help protect and advocate for consumers
    • State legislators are in a position to address problems in the wider industry through new legislation
  • Federal level

Remember the kudos

While one might experience problems with the financial side of health care, there is a flip side.  We may have been fortunate enough to be treated by amazing doctors and nurses, or helped by a particularly kind and knowledgeable customer service agent.  Consider writing separate letters of thanks to acknowledge those individuals.