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Navadeep Khanal

Head, E-Learning Technologies
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Navadeep Khanal
Head, E-Learning Technologies
152 Ellis Library
(573) 882-3342
About Me
I am the E-Learning Librarian and Web Development Administrator at the University of Missouri Libraries. I lead the libraries' effort to ensure that distributed students of the university and online users of the library have high-quality access to library services. I work collaboratively with librarians, instructors and units on campus that support online learning to ensure that students have access to library resources, learning modules, tutorials and videos within their courses or as independent learners. I also work to provide students resources for digital media and creative projects.

PhD - Information Science, 2012
MLIS - Library and Information Science, 2004
BA - Psychology, 2002

Khanal, N. (2014). E-Learning and Libraries: Bringing the Pieces Together. Proceedings of the 30th Annual Conference on Distance Teaching and Learning (pp. 417-421), Madison, WI. Available online at

Conference Presentations
(with Martin, D. & Salings, H.) “Establishing a Digital Media Commons (on a shoestring budget).” Library Spaces for All Ages. Amigos Online Conference, February 16, 2017, Online. (

(with Kammer, J.) "Assessing Student Learning Outcomes From The Micro To The Macro." Assessment at a Distance: In Theory and Practice. ACRL Distance Learning Section Virtual Event, February 23, 2016, Online. (recording:

E-Learning and Libraries: Bringing the Pieces Together. Annual Conference on Distance Teaching and Learning, August 13, 2014, Madison, WI.

(with Kammer, J.) “Investigating Collaborative Opportunities For Instructors, Librarians And Instructional Designers In Course Design.” LISGSA Conference, April 5, 2014, Columbia, Missouri.

“Framework for Applying Postcolonial Theory in ICT Research in LIS.” Juried Paper Presentation, ALISE Conference, February 18, 2012, Dallas, Texas.

“Exploring Methods in Community Informatics.” (Poster presentation with Ginger, J. & Kehoe, A.), Annual iConference, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, February 3–6, 2010, Champaign, Illinois.

“Helping Students Get What You Want: Improved information literacy, better research skills, and better papers and student projects. (with Brekhus, R. & Maseles, J.), Celebration of Teaching, May 20, 2015, Columbia, Missouri.

“Ignite Your Teaching With MU Libraries’ Resources.” (with Graves, R., Maseles, J., Messina, N.), Celebration of Teaching, May 20, 2014, Columbia, Missouri.

“Library Use and Integration in Teaching.” (with Dykas, F., Maseles, J., Moeller, K.), Teaching with Technology, October 14, 2014, Columbia, Missouri.

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