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MU SOM & Community Events - Related Resources

  • A selection of resources to explore and learn more about the musicians and music performed at some SOM and community events.

2024: FEBRUARY       MARCH        APRIL

April 2024

Sankofa Chorale Concert - SOM Large Ensemble Concert

April 9th
Program (pdf)

Cunningham, Vinson. ‘Making God Famous’. New Yorker 92, no. 45 (16 January 2017): 26–32.
- This article profiles gospel musician Kirk Franklin and examine his life, career, and music, including influences from music genres including hip hop, rock, and R&B.

"Sweet Mother" by Prince Nico Mbarga
  • listen to a short radio broadcast about this hit Igbo highlife song recorded in Nigeria in 1976 — Øverby, Jonathan, 2023. “‘The Sweet Sound Prince Nico Mbarga.” The Odyssey Series. Wisconsin Public Radio.
  • read about the Igbo highlife genre, Mbarga, and other stars of the genre —  Emielu, Austin. “Highlife, Igbo.” In Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Popular Music of the World, Volume 12 : Genres: Sub-Saharan Africa. Edited by David Horn, John Shepherd, Heidi Feldman, and Gabrielle Kielich. London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2019.

Ronnie C. Wilson's playlist - Sankofa Chorale S24


Arturo O'Farrill Quintet - "We Always Swing" ® Jazz Series - Jazz in the District

Annual Dr. Carlos & Laura Perez-Mesa Memorial Concert
April 11th

Bud Powell, “Un Poco Loco,” on Legacies, Arturo O’Farrill Trio, Blue Note, 2023, Streaming Audio, YouTube.

Magazine, newspaper, and radio coverage of O'Farrill:

Zay gezunt! Rach Misner, mezzo-soprano and Dr. Rachel AuBuchon, piano - SOM Senior Recital

April 19th

Misner has included two Korean art songs as one part of a varied program. Here is some information and resources about these songs:

교목 (Gyo Mok / Tall Evergreen Tree) by Chong Jong Yeoul (정종열); poem by Yi Yuksa 이육사 (1904–1944).
  • Read the composer’s bio on Classical Network, an online platform for Korean classical musicians:
  • Learn more about the poem and poet: Yi Yuksa, a poet and independence activist, was actively engaged in the Korean resistance movement during Japanese colonial occupation.1 The poem Gyo Mok “…is a text of resistance in which a natural object (Mok, or the tree) reflects both the speaker’s inner world and the situation of Korea under colonial rule.”2
동심초 (Dongshimcho) by Kim Seongtae (김성태); poem by Xue Tao 薛濤 (A.D. 770-832)
  • This song was recorded by the popular singer Gwon Hye-gyeong in the 1950s and became a hit for her. It was used in the film of the same name, Dongshimcho (동심초) in 1959.3
  • Watch a presentation on and performance of the song by soprano Park So Eun (박소은) on her educational YouTube channel. The performance starts at 4:11 and includes English subtitles for the lyrics, but the presentation is in Korean only. Tip: enable transcript, and copy to Google translate.

1.  McCann, David, ‘Yi Yuksa (1904-1944)’, in The Columbia Anthology of Modern Korean Poetry (New York: Columbia University Press, 2004), 37–40.
2. Sinhaeng Lee, ‘The Choral Music of Chong Jong Yeoul: A Review and Guide to Korean Pronunciation’ (PhD diss., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2022), 54,
3. 이정식, ‘권혜경의 “동심초” (1) Gweon Hyegyeong’s Dongshimcho’, CCDN 충청매일, 10 February 2011,

University of Missouri Wind Ensemble and Nixa High School Wind Ensemble - SOM Large Ensemble

April 26th
Program with program notes (pdf)

Katahj Copley - composer

Interviews with Copley - Podcasts:

  • Anthony Morris, Lorin Green, and Michael Shannon Brown, ‘A Conversation with Katahj Copley’, October 27, 2021, in Relative Pitch, podcast, 41:53.
  • Ashley Killam and Carrie Blosser, ‘Katahj Copley,’ February 2, 2022, in Diversify the Stand, podcast, 38:09.
Anthony Plog's Three Miniatures for Tuba (1990)
  • Read about the trumpeter, trumpet pedagogue, and composer Anthony Plog.
  • Listen to different recordings of Three Miniatures for Tuba on Naxos Music Library:

Symphonic dances from West Side story by Leonard Bernstein

Resources on directing Wind Ensembles and Bands 

Gary Gilroy - composer, arranger, band director, music professor

Randall Standridge - composer, arranger, marching arts designer, educator

On a hymnsong of Philip Bliss by David R. Holsinger

A graphic of soundwaves in light grey

March 2024

Mike Zito Gulf Coast Records Album Release: Life is Hard - the Blue Note

March 30th

Zito, Mike. “Forever My Love.” On Life is Hard. Gulf Coast Records, 2024, streaming audio. YouTube.

Learn more about some songs Zito covers on Life is Hard and the musicians who wrote and performed them:

‘I'm A Lonely Man’ by Little Milton and Robert Lyons:

  • ‘I'm A Lonely Man’ was recorded by Little Milton, and released in 1958 in 45 RPM format on Bobbin Records, which was based in St. Louis. Get more information on this recording on Discogs.

Milton, Little and Robert Lyons. “I’m a Lonely Man.” On That Will Never Do / I'm A Lonely Man. Bobbin Records, 1958, streaming audio. YouTube.

‘Death Don't Have No Mercy’ by Gary Davis:

Davis, Gary. “Death Don't Have No Mercy.” On Let Us Get Together. Sunset Blvd Records, 2022, streaming audio. YouTube.

Mike Zeto - Awards and Discography:
Reviews, interviews, and other coverage of Mike Zeto:

Christina Ray, mezzo-soprano and Dr. Rachel AuBuchon, piano: Nevertheless, she persisted - SOM Faculty Recital

March 18th

Rossini, Gioacchino. Stabat Mater (1832 version) / Giovanna d'Arco (arr. M. Taralli). Cullagh, Pizzolato, Sola, Palazzi, Württemberg Philharmonic, Fogliani. Naxos, 2016, streaming audio. Naxos Music Library.

McCready, Anna. “Gilding the Lily: Music and Monarchy in Paris (1814-1833).” Ph.D., University of London, King’s College, 2003.

  • Chapter Five proposes a symbolic interpretations of Rossini's Giovanna d'Arco as the sacrificial victim of her king.

Rossini Opera Festival. “Gioachino Rossini: Biographical Sketch and Opera Chronology,” 2020. →  "1832 Meanwhile the first symptoms have appeared of the serious nervous breakdown that will affect the composer, who by this time has formed a union with Olympe Pélissier. He dedicates his cantata for soprano and piano Giovanna d'Arco to her" (Rossini Opera Festival 2020).

February 2024

Maria Schneider Orchestra - "We Always Swing" ® Jazz Series

Geyer, Ben. 2019. “Maria Schneider’s Forms: Norms and Deviations in a Contemporary Jazz Corpus.” Journal of Music Theory 63 (1): 35–70.


All-Junior Honor Band & Wind Ensemble Concert - SOM Events

  • Features the world premiere of Celebration by Ahmed Al Abaca. Watch a video interview with the composer:

Network for New Music “Composer Interview - Ahmed Al Abaca with Thomas Schuttenhelm.” YouTube. 2023. Video, 30:30.

Requiem for the Enslaved: A Black History Month Memorial and Reconciliatory Concert - MOSY

  • read the recording's liner notes on the composer's website
  • listen to a radio broadcast about the work → Huizenga, Tom, 2022. “‘Requiem for the Enslaved’ Holds a Major University’s Truths up to the Light.” All Things Considered. NPR.
  • Watch the video Contemplation in Action: Carlos Simon, a part of the Spirit of Georgetown storytelling series

University Philharmonic Orchestra Concert - SOM Events

Sánchez Villanueva, Gonzalo. “Rapsodia peruana (C. Rebagliati) - Gonzalo Sánchez & Orquesta Sinfónica de Trujillo.” YouTube. 2023. Video, 12:47.