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Thomas Jefferson Statue at the University of Missouri

Primary sources, scholarship, news reporting, and views from the MU community regarding Thomas Jefferson and the Jefferson statue on Francis Quadrangle

The Louisiana Purchase, Indian Removal, and Slavery's Expansion

Congress erected a new monument at Jefferson's grave at Monticello in 1883. When University of Missouri President Samuel Spahr Laws applied to have Jefferson's original monument moved to Columbia, he made the case that MU was the first land-grant university founded on land included in the 1803 Louisiana Purchase, acquired during Jefferson's presidency.

MU has many books that discuss the Louisiana Purchase and subsequent admission of the state of Missouri to the United States. The following works were selected as examples because they deal with that portion of the Louisiana Purchase that became the state of Missouri in particular, and with Thomas Jefferson's relationship to the events and decisions affecting these lands and their inhabitants.

Many more books about the history and significance of the Louisiana Purchase may be found under the subject heading Louisiana Purchase.