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Journalism - Mass Media Research: Methodology

eBooks: Communication & Social Sciences Research Methods

Data Sets & Survey Instruments

Data sets for Quantitative Research - created by Government Data & Document Librarians

Suggestions for Accessing Healthcare Data from the Association for Healthcare Journalists

Pew Research Data Sets for Journalism

Global Investigative Journalism Network Data Journalism Resources

Data Driven Journalism Resources from the European Journalism Centre

ProPublica Data Store - Some free and some for a fee.

MU Libraries Statistics and Data Sets Research Guide for Graduate Students

Survey Instruments

Qualtrics -  begin setting up your account. You will login using your University of Missouri credentials (username and Password)  

Other Resources

Other Guides of Interest to Journalism Graduate Students:

Research Guide for Journalism Graduate Students

EDT Guidance Briefs  - guides for the curation and preservation of your digital projects, theses and dissertations.

Tips for conducting graduate level research.  

Primary and secondary sources.  

Additional research resources

Find datasets

Need help deciding on which databases to use?  Email us or stop by the journalism library.

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Dorothy Carner, Librarian IV, Head, Journalism Libraries - 103a Reynolds Journalism Institute

Sue Schuermann, Senior Library Specialist - 103b Reynolds Journalism Institute