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HIST 4004/7004: Plagues and Contagion in Pre-Modern Europe: Books

MU's Books

Find a Specific Book- Use if you already know what book you need.

MERLIN  - For books held by MU

MOBIUS - For books you can borrow from other Missouri libraries

Request an Item/ILL@MU - For books not available in Missouri

Full Text Book Searching

Subject Headings

These Library of Congress Subject Headings can be searched directly (MERLIN Subject Search) or added to a keyword search, e.g., "public health surveillance and encephalopath*"

  • Clinical epidemiology
  • Diseases and history
  • Diseases -- history
  • Epidemiology
  • Epidemics
  • Medicine, medieval
  • Public health surveillance

Names of diseases are also usually searchable as subject headings.

Exploiting Subject Heading in Your Book Search

To find books primarily ABOUT a particular disease, you can look that disease up as a SUBJECT (either Library of Congress/LC or Medical).  Look for subject subdivisions like "early works" or"epidemiology" or "epidemics" or "history." Use Subject Search in the MERLIN or MOBIUS catalog.  The subject heading "medicine, medievel" is also quite fruitful.


To locate diseases where you can find old sources try KEYWORD searches that incorporate s:, which will locate terms in the Subject field:

s:"early works" and (fever or pox or pestilen* or plague)  - you can use other words in parentheses, too.


Try keyword searches using century-terms.  Example: epidemi* and 15th century


MU's Searchable E-Books


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