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Equipment Lending: Laptops, Cameras, Etc.

     Projector   Projectors, Media Players, & Readers

Item Location

BluRay Player

Ellis: 24 hour      

CD/DVD Player

Ellis: 24 hour      

Diskette Drive (USB)

Ellis: 24 hour      
External DVD/CD Drive (USB) Ellis: 24 hour Engineering: 24 hour   Journalism: 24 hour

Flash Drive (2, 4, 8, 16 GB)

Ellis: 3 hour Engineering Health Sciences: 3 hour Journalism: 3 hour
Projectors Ellis: 24 hour Engineering: 24 hour Health Sciences: 24 hour  Journalism: 24 hour
TV & DVD/VCR Player     Health Sciences: 3 hour  

USB Card Reader (Transcend)

Ellis: 24 hour Engineering: 3 hour   Journalism: 24 hour 

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