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Romance in Ellis Library: A Reader's Guide: Home

Welcome and Getting Started

Welcome to the Reader's Guide for romance in Ellis Library!

Romance novels come in many shapes and sizes.  This guide will help you find out what is available in Ellis and hopefully help you pick the novels that fit you.

Below are some general subject headings and keywords that will help you find romance novels in Ellis Library.  More specific headings for the different types are available on the other pages of this guide.

Some of the more specific ones (like Arranged Marriage) may help you find plotlines that you enjoy, rather than specific eras.

Some MERLIN searches to help you find Romance novels in Ellis

Looking for more?

Though the MU Libraries have over 3 million volumes, we still might not have the romance novel you are looking for.  If that is the case here are some other places you might want to look:

Romance in other languages

Ellis Library carries books in many different languages.  In MERLIN you can choose the language you would like to read.  Here are some romance novel options if you want to read in a language besides English.

Most Prolific Romance Novelists

The 10 top romance novelists by the number of novels written.  This list comes from Entertainment Weekly's Oct 24, 2014 issue.  Ellis does not have books from each of these authors, so the link will take you to MOBIUS is these cases.


Ellis Library does have access to some romance novels as ebooks.  There are many ways to search for these, but below are links to two MERLIN searches.

Romance by Publisher

Certain publishers are known for publishing specific genres.  Here are some MERLIN searches that bring you books published by each publisher with the limiter "love stories."


This libguide was originally created by Carrie Carter a Graduate Research Assistant at the University of Missouri-Columbia, but has been modified by others.